Sunday 15 January

7:01 PM

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Every weekday, Snipe posts a video on something Londony – politics, music, culture, historic or just something that catches our fancy.

But we can’t do it without you. If you have a suggestion for a video that London needs to see, please complete the form below and send it to us.

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The Scoop

News & Views from City Hall to your Town Hall

Boris Johnson used to oppose the use of water cannon. What's changed?

Tories urge Boris to allow police to use 'sound weapons'
What does Boris Johnson really think of Nelson Mandela?

Video LDN

A London video every week day.

2 minutes, 38 seconds of Cosplayers from the Winter London Film & Comic Con

Lies the London Underground tells you
Video: Soho's green roofs are really cool

Video LDN is the daily video of London. Please give us your suggestions here.

MP Free

A brand-new song-of-the-day, every weekday

Fifty Fifty by The Luyas

"I'm Not Human At All" Mixtape
Josephine Foster - Child Of God

Tube Updates

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